bluesrock, countryrock


Welcome to web sites of B&C BAND, a band playing music influenced by blues and modern country music. The band was founded in 2012 by serious ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to varied repertoir we can become an organic part of any cultural event and we can also adjust the repertoir to different requirements and conditions of a concrete event. We sing in Czech and English.

Our base is in Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Czech Republic, but we can operate worldwide.


  • Pavel Trhon ... bassguitar, el. upright bass, vocal

  • Tomas Krecmer ... electro-acoustic guitar, vocal

  • Tomas Filka ... electric guitar, electro-acoustic guitar

  • Vaclav Tlaskal ... drums, percussions

  • Lenka Trhonova ... vocal, percussions

  • Jan Trhon ... keyboards, harmonica

Note: For chamber occasions we can play in a reduced/acoustic form of the band.


We are focused on modern blues-rock and country-rock music and related genres. We play primarily songs of Czech and foreign authors and performers (J. Bonamassa, K. W. Shepherd, Eagles, K. Elam, K. Anderson, R. Křesťan, J. Spálený, etc.) supplemented by some songs written by us.

You can find some of our recordings on our Bandzone profile.



E-mail: pavel@trhon.cz